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ROTO-BORE® Dry Compaction Bits

These high quality tools are for dry-boring in clay and other compressible soils. They are self-feeding and produce clean, compacted borings.

All ROTO-BORE® Bits are machined from solid chrome-moly steel bar stock on state-of-the-art CNC lathes and machining centers. All bits are quenched and tempered to an average tensile strength of 153,000 psi for optimum strength and toughness.

The bit’s screw thread is much heavier than most competitors’ designs. This heavy-duty design assures contractors a long service life and lower operating cost.

Push Button Lock
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
M-01137 1.375" 13/16"
M-01150 1.50" 13/16"
M-01175 1.75" 13/16"
M-01200 2.00" 13/16"
M-01250 2.50" 13/16"
M-01300 3.00" 13/16"
M-02150 1.50" 1"
M-02175 1.75" 1"
M-02200 2.00" 1"
M-02250 2.50" 1"
M-02300 3.00" 1"
Note: For larger holes above, Use ROTO-BORE Bits in conjunction with our dry compaction ROTO-BORE Reamers.

100% Chrome-Moly Steel
Ditch Witch Connector CASE/Astec Connector
Ditch Witch
Standard Compaction Bits
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
M-03150 1.50" 7/8"
M-03175 1.75" 7/8"
M-03200 2.00" 7/8"
M-03250 2.50" 7/8"
M-03300 3.00" 7/8"
Case/Astec (Clip-Type)
Standard Compaction Bits
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
M-04150 1.50" 7/8"
M-04175 1.75" 7/8"
M-04200 2.00" 7/8"
M-04250 2.50" 7/8"
M-04300 3.00" 7/8"

ROTO-BORE® XD Dry Compaction Bits with Replaceable Carbide Point*
and exclusive Double Square Thread for faster drilling.

The new ROTO-BORE® XD dry compaction bit from Triple D features a revolutionary new design that enables fast penetration and longer tool life with far less thrust pressure so you can get the job done quickly!

The replaceable fluted carbide point uses an innovative, premium carbide that will significantly increase productivity and profitability by boring up to 40% faster and lasting up to 200% longer than standard style bits.

Hex Drive Carbide Point Std.
100% Chrome-Moly Steel Push-Button Lock
Rock Bit Optional Shown With New Optional Rock Bit
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
XD-01175 1.75" 13/16"
XD-01200 2.00" 13/16"
XD-01250 2.50" 13/16"
XD-01300 3.00" 13/16"
XD-02175 3.50" 13/16"
XD-02200 2.00" 1"
XD-02250 2.50" 1"
XD-02300 3.00" 1"
XD Rock Bit Optional
Model No. Bit Dia.
XDRB-1375 1.375"

Ditch Witch Connector CASE/Astec Connector
Carbide Point
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size

* Point can be changed within minutes.

Ditch Witch
"XD" Compaction Bits
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
XD-03175 1.75" 7/8"
XD-03200 2.00" 7/8"
XD-03250 2.50" 7/8"
XD-03300 3.00" 7/8"
Case/Astec (Clip-Type)
"XD" Compaction Bits
Model No. Bit Dia. Hex Size
XD-04175 1.75" 7/8"
XD-04200 2.00" 7/8"
XD-04250 2.50" 7/8"
XD-04300 3.00" 7/8"
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