HDD Drilling Tools and Equipment

For high-precision Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Triple D offers a complete line of tooling, including high quality reamers, swivels, bits and other consumables. Our HDD products are ideal for utility installations, such as fiber optic lines, gas and water lines, and sewage.

Our tooling can drill holes from one inch to nearly six feet in diameter, without disturbing ground surfaces. We manufacture all of our swivels and drill bits in house, and we use 4140 Chrome-Moly steel for a longer lasting and tougher tool than those made from medium carbon materials. All of our drill rods are constructed with heat-treated chrome-moly steel bars for maximum strength and durability.

For truly demanding underground tasks, we manufacture nickel steel reamers with sewn housing for electronic HDD steering equipment. Our nickel steel is heat treated with 40-42 Rockwell C, so your equipment works with 60,000 psi higher tensile and yield strength.

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