Vibratory Plowing Tools and Equipment

Triple D provides a full list of vibratory plowing products, for irrigation and plumbing needs among others. Our vibratory plowing equipment and tooling is all manufactured from either armor plate or 4140 chrome-moly steel for strong and durable plowing with minimal to no surface damage.

Nearly all Triple D plowing blades are manufactured from U.S. Army grade ballistic armor steel, the same grade that the Army uses to armor its field vehicles. Our ¼” thick plowing blades have a minimum tensile strength of 225,000 psi, and our other blades have a minimum tensile strength of 180,000 psi. Triple D blades are more durable than typical 100,000 psi blades and last much longer, and they’re strong enough to be as hard in the center as they are on the surface.

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