Repair of Underground Drilling Tools

Drill Equipment RepairWhen drilling equipment does its work, you never know what it’s going to strike or what’s going to damage or wear your blades and drill bits. But before you decide to spend the considerable expense on new equipment, try sending us pictures of your current equipment wear and damage. At Triple D, we offer in-house repair services, and in many cases we can upgrade your tooling for a fraction of the cost of new tooling.

When you maintain and upgrade your drilling equipment, you can often significantly increase its longevity. Why spend thousands of dollars on new equipment, when you can maintain your existing equipment for a few hundred? With Triple D, you can send us photos of the equipment damage before you incur shipping costs, or simply have it shipped to us for evaluation. We’ll give you an estimate to help you decide if it’s more cost-effective to have your equipment repaired.

Contact us here to speak with a representative about our repair and maintenance services.