Triple D Enterprises – Underground Tools

About Triple DIn the mid-1980s, Douglas Melegari founded Triple-D to address the needs of irrigation company owners like himself. In that time, tool options were extremely limited for installing pipe underground. Melegari began by manufacturing and preparing vibratory plow blades in a shop behind his own house, in a company that he owned as a sole proprietorship.

As demand grew for Triple-D products, the company expanded in both size and product line. Soon Melegari sold his irrigation and formed the Triple-D Corporation, and some years later the company moved into a 4,200 square foot building. Triple-D began manufacturing all of its products in house, and expanded into compaction boring and state-of-the-art HDD drilling tools. In 2008, Triple D moved into its current home in Southampton, a full facility with a separate shipping and receiving section and a full fabricating and welding shop.

Triple D continues today to grow its customer base though offering a diverse and high quality product line, and our ability to quickly adapt to rapidly changing industry needs. We believe in dedication and innovation, and as always, we’re ready every day with the answer to our customers’ underground drilling and plowing needs.

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