HDD Drilling, Compaction Boring & Vibratory Plowing Equipment

Triple D is a manufacturing company that specializes in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of underground construction tooling. We develop tooling in three primary categories – HDD Drilling, Compaction Boring and Vibratory Plowing. Our company supplies underground tooling to Irrigation, Electrical, Plumbing, Cable and Utility Contractors through multiple distribution channels, including Original Equipment Manufacturers.

When it comes to your underground trenching requirements, we understand that durability and efficiency is key. Our plowing blades are all made from armor plate, developed for its high tensile and yield strength and its anti-wear characteristics. Our products are also made from domestic, American-manufactured chrome-moly and nickel-chrome-moly steels, for long-lasting, tougher products.

We invite you to have a look at this website and find out more about how we can meet your HDD, Compaction Boring, or Vibratory Plowing needs, and to view our drill bits, plowing blades and much more. Or you can download our full brochure here.

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Wing Reamers
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Solid Body
Fluted Reamers
Tapered Barrel Reamers
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RotoBore Reamers

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Triple D Launches New Website

Triple D recently announced the launch of a new Website. The site uses a modern design that is formatted for new wide screen-monitors. The site is also fully mobile-responsive and provides the user with a wonderful experience from their mobile phone. Advantages of the New Site More Attractive Design Fast Page Loading Simple to Find in Search Engines Mobile First... Read More